Our Plays

Here is a sample of plays we have performed.

Am I Invisible?

A montage of vignettes and music about the perception and avoidance of seniors’ invisibility

“We’re here because we’re here because we are NOT invisible.”

We Decide

Adapted from Shakespeare's classic King Lear, G&F asks: How do we maintain our agency as we age? How do we care for our loved ones when they are older?

           “This heart shall break into a hundred thousand flaws, I shall go mad!"


Margaret is excited for her first day at Grammar School. That is, until she meets Miss Farthing

Something from Nothing

What are the things we hold most dear? Based on the Jewish folktale, a family remembers an important gift

Que Sera

A story of Alzheimers’ patients and caregivers


A young woman grows up while goose hunting with her father

Leaving Home

Young people and seniors leave home, many to begin again


A mother accidentally kills a pet hedgehog, which her daughter takes many years to forgive her


A child’s failed attempt to reconcile her parents

From Riches to Rags

Two young girls, taken away from their abusive father, find independence on a farm


A Canada Goose joins a northern Alberta farm family

Nail Polish

A grandmother remembers her childhood passion for unobtainable nail polish

Betty and Jane

The story of a sixty year friendship that started in jail

The Story of Tjalling Zonderland

A young man, who despite a strong dislike for school, becomes a great teacher and poet

Two roads diverged in a wood,  and I – I took the one that was my nightmare – and that has made all the difference”

Lean On Me

Because of sudden physical deterioration, a woman moves into dependent living

Joan’s Story

A senior’s reminiscence about her first Christmas gift

Fancy German Automobiles or Alberta Hospital

A woman dealing with manic depression receives the gift of a cigarette


A senior abused by her son finds sanctuary in the SAGE Safe House

When I was a Boy

A man remembers growing up in Holland during the Nazi occupation in World War II

Retirement Blues

A musical play about a man who retires and gets in his wife’s way

The Red Envelope

Through the Chinese tradition of giving red envelopes, a senior reflects on her life

The Purple Onion

For a brief and embarrassing moment a woman forgets that she is a wife, mother and school teacher


After selling her house, an elderly widow moves into a small apartment with a cat, a dog and all her possessions

So It’s All Arranged

Three ladies discuss their funeral arrangements

Romeo and Juliet

 Shakespeare’s balcony scene adapted for a senior Romeo and Juliet

Broken Stove

A man goes to extraordinary lengths to make a marriage proposal

Edna’s Story

On her first date with a man who would become her husband of fifty years, Edna almost drowns in the North Saskatchewan river