Helen and John chat over coffee

Our Process

We write plays by playing games, telling stories, improvising, and taking elegant coffee breaks with free flowing discussion. As we rehearse and perform, we continually rewrite our scripts.

Humour and music are central to our work; laughter makes accessible even the most difficult subject.

Some of our plays have stories inspired by reminiscence:

  • Joan remembers her first Christmas present
  • John learns about humanity during the Nazi invasion of Holland
  • Stuck in Alberta Hospital, a woman receives the gift of a cigarette
  • Five-year-old Jean takes a dangerous journey to the country store
  • Melle takes the path that was his worst nightmare, and that makes all the difference!

Other plays reflect issues of aging:  

  • ‘Invisibility’
  • Dependent living and seniors’ care
  • Elder abuse
  • Seniors’ romance
  • The perils of retirement
  • Downsizing
  • Death, dying and funeral arrangements
  • Alzheimer’s


  "Be careful what you say! He'll write it down and put it in a play!"